Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joel, London - Personal Blog

Well, it's been almost three years of living in Moishe House London, since we started it up in October 2007. Back then, when a few of us were phoning each other about this crazy idea of creating a Jewish community house, we couldn't have envisaged how far we'd come and the way this community has blossomed.

A couple weeks ago we played host to Moishe House's very own David Cygielman, who had a few days in London on his way to Israel. I got to accompany him to a few meetings with local funders and spend some quality time getting to know him and what goes on behind the scenes at Moishe House. It was very interesting to see how impressed the funders were by the Mintranet, and I was relieved when David clicked on Moishe House London and all our photos and numbers were in place! It did make me realise why we're asked to monitor what we do here.

David arrived at a good time - he was able to meet a host of young Jewish movers and shakers at a '40 under 40' lunch, come to great communal Shabbat held by people who are very important in our Moishe House community, and experience a uniquely English MoHoLo event. We've been partnering with the JCC for some time now, hosting a monthly 'Hang Out at the House' evening for Darfuri refugees and our regular community. On David's visit we decided to make the event a 'sock-wrestling' tournament. Basically two people get on hands and knees on the carpet and have to steal the sock off their opponents foot. David ended the evening undefeated, 2-0, but retired with a nasty set of carpet burns!

Now we're gearing up for the high holidays when we're hosting Grassroots Jews, independent Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services - 150 people expected in a marquee in our garden. David said one of our strengths as a house is our level of integration with the local community, and Grassroots Jews promises to be another such example.

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