Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my one year reflection of MHOC

Three months before my one year anniversary of living in a Moishe House, I sit in front of my computer and ask myself…what has the last year of my life been to me? What have I accomplished, what have I done for my community and do I enjoy what I’m doing with limited time on this planet? I seem to ask myself these very questions on a constant basis. I find this thought process to be a time of self realization where I can make the necessary changes in my life to achieve my goals.

To start with I recently obtained my series 7 general securities license which puts me one step closer to starting a career where I will hopefully obtain a sense of financial freedom and the ability to one day provide for a family. I have also been part of Moishe House OC in Laguna Beach where we host between 7-10 events a month that cater to our local Jewish community. From my conversations with our guests I would claim that they primarily come for four different reasons including: 1) meeting new friends 2) networking for business contacts 3) entertainment 4) finding that special someone.

I have had the fortune of all 4 of these reasons happening to me over the past year. I have meet hundreds of great individuals and been reacquainted with some old friends from temple that I haven’t seen in roughly 15 years. I have become close with my housemates who have helped build our community and host some amazing events if I may be so obliged to say. And I have met an amazing girl that makes me extremely happy and that I can only hope I bring her the same happiness.

I guess I have come to the realization of looking at Moishe House in a new way... After my first few months of living in the house I would say to myself, look at all the good you have done for MH and the community but now I realize it is Moishe House which has done so much for me.

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