Monday, August 9, 2010

Friday Night Lights

The biggest Jewish scene in Texas on a friday night has nothing to do with football. Candle light replaces bleacher blare as Jewish twenty-somethings fill Moishe House Dallas to capacity. They stir, and mingle, and drink wine in anticipation for the Shabbat meal. The MoHost's gather everyone around three full-length tables to sing the traditional Friday night blessings, followed by Kiddush and Ha'Motzi. Each time new faces mix in with the ever-increasing number of “regulars” at MoHo Shabbat dinner. Jews from all over the Dallas Metroplex walk over from down the block or drive-in 45 minutes to be at MoHo, beer or wine in hand. It is the singular event that speaks to every one who comes to MoHo Dallas seeking a true Jewish community of their peers.

This past Shabbat, a now-regular occurrence happened that made me think of the extraordinary affect MoHo Shabbat dinner is having on people's lives. Hillary, a 24 year old post-Communications major now living in Dallas walked through the MoHo doors. This was her second Shabbat and her smile revealed her instant comfortability. By her side was her friend Brian, an import from Miami. While at first a bit anxious, Hillary introduced Brian to friends she met at the previous Shabbat. By the end of the night Brian was mingling through the crowd on his own.

Raymond - Moishe House Dallas

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