Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Russian Moishe House is now into its second year. The time flew by incredibly fast, but nevertheless we have achieved a great deal in our first year. Not only did we host many, many great events, we were successful in spreading the word about the project to the Russian Jewish community of Chicagoland and beyond. Russian Moishe House became a well-known hub for the Russian-Jewish young adult life. The end of the first year brought some changes to our Moishe House. Two of our residents, Vitaly and Dimitry have decided to pursue other endeavors and left the Moishe House. Before the new year began, we spent a couple of months interviewing potential candidates and finally decided on Roman and Vicky, two wonderful people who have since become not only our friends, but invaluable assests to our house. This kind of a transition, however, always takes time, because learning to live together is a process. Everyone has their unique personalities, values, habits, and approaches to things. And also it simply takes time to get used to having a new person in your intimate personal space we call home. It's been a little over a month now and I feel like the adaptation process is well underway and we are becoming really good friends in the meanwhile. Our goal as the second generation is to continue providing a social space for our members, building awareness, and creating a closely-knit Russian-Jewish community.

-Rostik, MH-RSJ

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