Monday, August 30, 2010

New Year, New Roommates

Lee'at and Ben have moved in and Moishe is growing already! Our events have been more diverse and we've added a recurring Discussion Group to our repertoire where we discuss relevent topics related to us--young Jews!

With my new roommates settled and helping me steer this endeavor, I have a newfound passion for Moishe House. The STL branch is more organized, energetic, and it's looking to grow with leaps and bounds! Lee'at, Ben, and I have such different personalities, ideas, and perspectives that we're able to combine all 3 to create unique and interesting programs and keep visitors wanting more, and bringing more visitors with them.

One initiative we'd like to instill is to partner with other organizations more, both locally and nationally, to branch out and make Moishe House STL a household name. I'm excited for the upcoming year with my new roomies and to unveil all that MHSTL has to offer!


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