Monday, August 23, 2010

MHSF - Sarah Curtin (personal blog?): Costco rules, or... does it?

Transitions are rough. Especially roommate transitions. Kiki and I found ourselves in just that sort of transition in June... looking for new roommates, saying goodbye to our old ones... watching furniture, decorations, and personalities leave our home. One of the biggest hits we took was we lost our connection to Costco. Now, I know you think that's sort of silly and trivial, but trust me, it's not. I've lived in the house almost 2 years, and it seemed to me as if without our highly-important, highly-used costco membership (and obviously, the members), Shabbat just wouldn't be feasible. How else do we buy enough food to feed an army of 25 hungry Jews, within our $100 monthly Shabbat budget? It seemed an impossible dilemma.

While I'd never been a card-carrying Costco member myself, the enthusiasm my former room mates held for the store was completely contagious. By the time they moved out I LOVED the place. But alas, I'm not on top of my game enough to get my act together and go just sign up for my own membership. July rolled around, and Dan, Ariel (the two newest MHSF additions!), Kiki and myself found ourselves lacking, and figuring out how to plan for Shabbat. Just in time -- I swear, literally the exact requisite 9 days in advance to sign up online -- the Birthright Israel NEXT partnership launched. We signed up our Shabbat, and boom, in a second, we had basically tripled our shabbat allowance. Whew. We could buy food!!!

We still could not, however, buy our trusted, well loved, Costco whole rotiserie chickens that had become a quick, easy, cheap Shabbat staple at our house. What to do? I'm excited to say that we took the opportunity to get cooking. We went big. We went huge. Not only did we cook a feast of both veggie and non-veggie options, but we were able to buy wine (thank you Moishe House and Birthright Israel NEXT for enabling our 2-buck-chuck habit!!), and most importantly, COOK OUR VERY OWN ROAST CHICKEN! I know it sounds silly, but it was a work of art. We got creative. We made a beer-butt chicken, with garlic, rosemary, thyme, sage, and PBR. It was gorgeous, and delicious, and a team effort that was really a lot of fun. And it only happened, if you follow the string of events back to the very start, because of the roommate transition. Everyone loved it, and we celebrated Shabbat with our new roommates in style. Needless to say we didn't have any left over chicken. Change is hard, but great things can come of it. Especially if you like poultry.

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David C said...

Love it! I barely ever go to costco now but I would never give up my card...