Thursday, July 22, 2010

1753 Euclid Meets 9500 Liberty

The Moishe House DC is proud of the many partnerships we have in the city and the networks that are available to us. At a recent event, we partnered with the Service Employees International Union, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and Jews United for Justice to screen the film 9500 Liberty. This documentary takes place in an area of Virginia about 20 miles from our own home where the county was attempting to enact a law where police could question and arrest residents they believed were undocumented (think: original Arizona). We were lucky enough to have the filmmaker in the room and two of the heroes of the film who are shown fighting tirelessly for the rights of all members of their community. It was amazing to hear the women speak about the time when this law was at the nucleus of political debate and to hear the filmmaker talk about the challenges of filming, but also the visceral need to document this story as it unfolded.

For me, this was one of the best events that we’ve run since my time in the house because it truly encapsulated everything that I feel is at the core of MHDC beliefs and our place in our community. We hosted this well attended event (around 80 people) inside the office building of SEIU mid-work week with people entering with work clothes and government badges, forgoing dinner to tune in to a film and discussion. People wanted to be attending it not only because MHDC was a part of it, but because it was addressing a current issue in a space where ideas and questions could be challenged and answered. MHDC continues to not only be a part of the Jewish community here but also in the general patchwork that makes up DC.

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