Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And Now The Time Has Come. . . .

The winds of change are upon the Israelites of Moishe House Portland. Transitions are never easy, but when the comradeship of Jewish commune living starts approaching its end, it can be difficult to part with.

Two of our most beloved Housniks, Jodi Berris and Jeremy Rogers, have decided to bid adieu. They're departing -- slowly seeing themselves into a new life without us. Sometime in the next six months, they'll be gone. Yet I can't imagine what the house would be like without them. Let's consider their absence by recalling their accomplishments.

Ms. Berris is the undisputed champion of all things Jewish for young professionals in Portland. Bar none, no soul has contributed more for the enhancement of yiddishkeit for young folks in Portland than Berris. The founding mother of our chapter, she helped spearhead a kosher kitchen that we've maintained since the House's inception. From Israeli club night to 1800 Shabbat to sports leagues galore, Berris will leave lessons, undoubtedly; she will leave a legacy unmathced for years to come.

Mr. Rogers is like no other housemate. His rationalism and ability to lead have been crucial. His skill as a mediator of conflict is leveled that of with a skilled diplomat. Every home needs someone to rely on -- an indefinite source of truth, an illuminating force of wisdom -- to filter the fair from the foul. A musician with sensational smoothness and Hashem given talent, Rogers gave us evenings of Billy Joel ballads under the dimmed starlight and a leftover bottle from Passover. As for intellect, few can contain such immense amounts of knowledge; few will be as formidable a debate opponent as our great mind Jeremy Rogers.

If we could retire jerseys and hang them from the rafters, surely these two numbers would be immortalized. Both are original Housniks and house hall-of-famers. They'll be missed.

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