Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moishe house Vienna, soon Moishe house Europe

Our vision is the same as Moishe house vision: create a ideal communal space for young Jewish professional to meet, create, exchange, share, etc.

Our objective for this upcoming year.

Host more Shabbaton away, more guest speakers, weekly Hebrew classes, Krav Maga classes, Jewish art workshop and Jewish cooking workshop
• building a Jewish library composed of German, English, Hebrew and Russian Jewish books.
• Creating a website. The website will help us to get more young people to find out about the Moishe House and its activites, promote events and show the whole world how Vienna young Jewish community is cool and active.

In the next 3 years we hope to establish a stronger connection with Jewish communities in countries around Austria. (hopefully using the Moishe house network).

In the next 5 years, having a impact on the Young Jewish community at a European level.

Have a great year!

Shana tova, hag Sameah!!

Eytan, Daniel and Michael from our Moishe Sukkat

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