Monday, July 9, 2012

Tomek - MH Warsaw

My name is Tomek and I live in Moishe House Warsaw. It has been almost a year since I moved into Moishe and I’m writing on this blog for the first time. It was very hard for me to write this post and I’m posting it so late that Joel wants to kill me. I’m really sorry. My only excuse (and surely not a very convincing one) is that I somehow always return my writings after deadlines. That’s me...

Frankly, it took me so much time to get to write this post because I don’t realy know what to write in it. One thing is sure: this year, my first year in Moishe house was probably the most interesting year of my life. Most interesting of all were the people I have met living here. Not only guests at our events, but also those who come to visit Warsaw from other Moishe Houses. I have met wonderful people and have made fantastic friends. That certainly is the most precious thing I could ever get.
Celebrating holidays and having inspiring discussions and last but not least thinking over identity - those are things I owe to Moishe House Warsaw, and I look forward to experiencing more and more of it.

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