Monday, July 30, 2012

Adam Schrodl - MH Budapest

I moved to Moishe House Budapest approximately half year ago. First I thought, it won’t be a big change, because I was there almost every week in the last two years, I knew all the faces and I helped with the programs sometimes for the residents.

But it was. To describe why, it is important to know more about our house. We are in the centre of the city, at the heart of the Jewish quarter.  It’s a big difference, if I not only go to a Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday evenings, not only go to the house for a movie screening, or studying, but I wake up every day in the quarter, see the Haredi people go to their synagogue to the morning prayer under our balcony, while I have a cup of tea. Go to buy challa and wine at the kosher shop and bakery, that are just a few streets far from our apartment. To see the rabbis of the closest synagogues every day on the street, to know the latest news and gossip about the Jewish community(ies) of Budapest. Sometimes at night I just need to take my bike, go down to some places and talk with the others about politics, culture and Jewish life.

Now I’m not only helping organize the programs, I also organize the life of the House, I can also make the decisions as to what programs we want in the next month, to what direction we want to go. Being a resident in a Moishe House I feel much more that I’m part of an international Jewish community, that supports and helps me, and I appreciate my work for the community. I believe that our Moishe House is a great forum, where Jews can meet each other and also with non-Jews. It is a space that everybody can form to her/his image and everybody can be a part of. In here I’m never alone, and it really means a lot.

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