Monday, July 30, 2012

Brett Leboff - London

My time in Moishe House has been an amazing few years of transformation.
When I first moved into the house, I was single, never had a Jewish Girlfriend, had just started keeping shabbat and wasn't really sure where I stood in what community.

Well, the MoHoLo spirit is amazing. The community was growing all the time and it has been a fascinating time to be right in the heart of the Jewish grassroots community in London.

The combination of fun that we have through organising creative events, meeting new people and working as a team within a community is just amazing. The things I have learnt about living and working within a vibrant community like this is also great.

I have now been a resident of Moishe House for over 3 years and have met an amazing bunch of people who I can well imagine I will grow with through various community and social activities. A place where I have been able to openly express my Judaism, and who I am as a person.

A testament to my time in the house, is the fact that only last Sunday, I had my engagement party at the house. From older family members to friends from the community and beyond, the atmosphere was magic and breathtaking. As a reflection it is truly mindblowing what MoHoLo has achieved over the last few years.  I met my future wife many times at the house but we had not spoken much. It was during a sharing group, I heard her speaking about inner thoughts and various things that resonated. After chatting with her for hours after that group it became clear that we had a lot in common. Well, she is now my fiance and we are to be married next February.

Long may Moishe House continue!

XBrett Leboff

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