Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mauro - MH Buenos Aires

A few times a month, when I look back at my time with MH I realize the huge impact it had in my life. What would it be of me now? Where would I live? In what city? In what country? Who would be my friends? What about my professional life? Would I still care about having a Jewish life? Would I still be interested in studying and learning about Judaism? Every aspect of my life has been changed (for the best) with my involvement in MH, even my eating habits! The picture would certainly look very very different, and would probably look less colorful than it does now, after having lived this time at the MH.

Perhaps, the thing I value the most is that MH gave me the place to meet so many people and expand my personal and professional contacts. I've made friends with people I could never have met, I've been part of different projects that came about thanks to MH. Programs and activities I created around our MH coumminity give me so much joy. I know many people take for granted that Jewish organizations create programming for them. It's not about the credit or recognition for doing this, it's really about knowing that just as my life has been changed, it makes a difference in their lives too. I can remember at least 5 couples formed through the Moishe House Buenos Aires (and so much more that I have no idea of). Some got married, and it was thanks to the MH, to us, to me. How big is that???
I've had more Shabat dinners and Havdallot at the Moishe House than I have had in my entire life! Also, being able to facilitate that for other people is incredibly satisfying.

I believe that the only things one can accumulate is what one gives. In the end, what you think you have can go away, money can go away, friends get lost, things will deteriorate, all but the things you gave. Your good deeds, that's something nobody can take away from you. I'll certainly take this on the rest of my life thanks to the practice I'm getting at Moishe House.

Mauro Hoijemberg
MH Buenos Aires

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Carla said...

You can definitely lead a Jewish life in BA because there is a huge community there. I actually had the chance to be in Moishe House there and there were many people celebrating, eating, drinking: the atmosphere was cheerful and everybody woul talk to me, even if they knew just a little of English. I had an apartment in buenos aires  very close to it, so when I had nothing to eat, or I simply did not want to be alone, I would go and hang out with other local Jews who seemed to be very happy with their situation and free in their own country, which is very important. Religions in Argentina coexist peacefully!