Friday, August 31, 2012

Roman Kobrin- MH Chicago RSJ

I can't believe it! Its been 2 years since I have moved into the Moishe House Chicago - RSJ. People tend to look back and say 'it feels like it was yesterday'. Not the case at all with me. So much has happened in the last 2 years... Between all the events, the drama, the fun, roommate changes, relationships, and overall experiences, it feels like I was an entirely different person then. We actually got around to celebrate our House's 3rd birthday at the beginning of July and I thought a lot about how I found myself here. It was a completely random series of events that led me to meet my roommate, Ross. It's incredible how one quick dialogue with someone could spark such a change in your life. By joining the Russian Moishe House, I have changed my career, met people I would have never met otherwise and have had experiences that I will never forget. I am grateful for the Russian Moishe House for all these changes as well as some lessons that I have learned. Now that we are 3 years in, 2 for me, I believe that by next year, we will need a little change. I think its time to move on to events we haven't done before and bringing in people who have never been. The 4 of us have gotten older and our next big project is to find young blood to begin filling our shoes so that we can pass the torch down. I would love to know that 10 years from now, Chicago RSJ is still throwing events that brings together a Russian Jewish community in Chicago. Its great to know that you have created and passed down a legacy. To the next 10 years!

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