Thursday, August 2, 2012

David Kadosh - Moishe House West LA

I love Moishe House! What an incredible experience this has been for me since we started our house in West LA last December. Moishe House empowers its residents to run with their ideas and share their enthusiasms in an inspirational way with the community. I’ve also been lucky to meet so many awesome people in the last 8 months and build strong, lasting friendships. My passion has always been Jewish self-defense and empowerment. Both sides of my family have suffered and been uprooted because of anti-Semitism. My mother’s father had many members of his family killed in the Holocaust and survived 5 years in the Plaszow concentration camp and Mauthausen death camp. My father’s father had his clothing store in Casablanca set on fire twice because it was Jewish owned. Jews around the world have been easy targets of anti-Semitic fueled aggression. I have made it my life mission to practice situational awareness, understand self-defense, and to prepare for a wide array of potential threats. Now, thanks to Moishe House, I am able to share my knowledge with other young Jews in my community. Moishe House West LA runs a monthly self-defense program which focuses on Krav Maga (Israeli close quarters combat). We started our trainings with simple techniques, but as our classes grew and members kept coming back, we needed to expand. I applied for a special grant from Moishe House which helped us purchase some of the necessary equipment we needed to expand our training. We now have punching pads to practice our strikes and rubber knives and guns to practice weapon disarming techniques. At Moishe House West LA we have a core group that looks forward to the monthly training and is dedicated to actualizing a life of Jewish self-defense. Moishe House has given me such a tremendous opportunity to share my passions with my peers and to build strong connections and friendships. I love being a part of the Moishe House community!

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