Thursday, August 23, 2012

Popularity by Vitaly Moishe House SF RSJ


When starting our house from scratch, I made one of our top goals to give our house a good name and spread the good word about us across the bay area Russian Jewish community.  While in the beginning, it wasn't smooth sailing and most the people that came were our friends, eventually we saw numbers rise and new comers found their way to our door at an average rate of 1 person per event now.

I think our greatest success has been in helping people who just moved to the city make friends and network with people of a similar background.  Having moved from Chicago without knowing almost anyone 3 years ago, I know how challenging it can be.

I'm very proud of our house and we've made big steps from having to call every single person we knew to have a successful event, to the mentality: "if you plan it, they will come".  Popularity and reputation is something that naturally spreads on it's own.  Once you establish a presence and provide a positive experience, that experience will broadcast automatically and seamlessly without even your knowledge.

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