Friday, August 17, 2012

Nikki Levitan - MH London

I discovered the Moishe house London purely by chance shortly after I returned to London after living in Israel for many years. I thought my return to North West London would be very hard, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this delightful, open, fun, cross denominational community with like minded people.
Some months later I was lucky enough to get a place in the house as a resident and since then life in London for me has exploded in an amazing way.
The house always has flow, creativity, good people and high energy. Whether it is open mic night at the house jamming good quality music or just some of my housemates hula hooping and doing poi, I am constantly inspired to be more and to be creative and active.
My housemates have become like family and they each bring something unique. Because of this I feel as a house we offer a diverse range of awesome programmes from Jewish Learning, fun big Shabbat dinners, Zumba, cooking for the homeless and a pop up cafe to name a few.

As a community organiser in Social Justice in my profession I am able to take the skills I have leant through my work and apply them to building the community around us.
My mission in the house and the community is to bring more people in who do not know about us and share the love and wealth of our golden community. I hope non residents also feel some sort of ownership over this community by bringing in their skills and running events at the house themselves.
I am working on inspiring our community to becoming more socially active and responsible.
I do this through exposing the community to amazing local and national charities and initiatives and encourage people to find their niche and get involved.
In time I am also working on setting up a regular moishe house London Social Action project where we can and will effect positive change within our local area.

Thank you Moishe house and my fellow housemates for changing my life. I am truly blessed and hope to live life in the future in some sort of communal way.
Nikki Levitan :) x

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