Friday, August 31, 2012

Jaycee Greenblatt- MH Dallas

Wow! What a great first month! It has only been one month since Elissa, Karli and I aka the Moho angels began our journey to become leaders in our community and provide meaningful Jewish experiences to Dallas' young adults. Only one month prior to signing our lease, Karli, Elissa and I met for lunch to discuss the Moho program, and instantly felt a connection with each other, and this bond has only grown stronger. Our fist official event was a collaboration with the Intown Chabad, to celebrate Tu B' av - the festival of love. Co-sponsoring this event was a first for Moho Dallas, and provided us with the opportunity for our first collaboration. Although we all come to the table with different experiences, opinions, and perspectives, when like minds with similar goals come together, great things can happen. With over 250 attendees at the the event, it was the perfect collaboration and way to kickoff and introduce ourself to the community. Our first official home event also exceeded our expectations. We anticipated a showing of 20 for our welcome brunch, yet ended up welcoming over 40 young Jewish adults into our new home. The energy in Dallas is amazing!! We are all so impressed by the community, and excited to plan unique, fun, and engaging activities. From our late night planning sessions, to creating the first Moho mailer, to meetings with Jewish community agencies and leaders who are eager to work with us, we all feel very honored to be chosen for the role of Moho resident, and the fun has only just begun for the three of us!

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