Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meg Stewart - MHSF

"As a teenager in a suburb of DC, B'nai Brith Youth Organization(BBYO) was a social scene that my high school could not fulfill. It was the first opportunity in my life that i really felt connected to a community of my peers. The stimulation i experienced in BBYO created the foundation for my interest and loyalty to leadership in the Jewish Community. Somehow i am still surprised when i meet a Jew in San Francisco or on my travels and we immediately play Jewography and clearly know someone in common. That kid that showed up to shabbats in college, his brother's girlfriend... yea we went on birthright tommorrow, oh yea, of course, Rachel Cohen?! The infinite community that Judaism provides is so attractive to me. It was only natural that i stumbled upon Moishe House after living in San Francisco for 6 months. The house was exactly what i needed in my life, a positive community to fall into. Moving to a city where you know so few people is daunting, but Moishe House made it so smooth. I feel excited, grateful and honored to be a resident at the San Francisco Moishe House. It is literally a dream come true. I look forward to hosting so many more shabbats, art classes, yoga practies and general opportunities for people to meet and connect. I live for that, Moishe House is the avenue to my success in creating and participating in human relations."

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