Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stephanie - MH Orange County

I’ve graduated from College, moved back home with my parents, feel all alone… NOW WHAT?!

This is a common story for many young adults that are in their “awkward” years. No, this is not Junior High but the period in your life where you do not have your OWN community. You are too old to attend Hillel and other college events and too young to join a synagogue where the majority of members are married and have children.

I was in the same boat. After graduating school in Boston, I moved back with my parents in Orange County, California. All my college friends were 3,000 miles away and I was left alone all day searching for jobs and hanging out with my only friends at home – my dogs - Pretty thrilling after college life!

I was then introduced to the Moishe House where I finally had somewhere to go, ALL THE TIME! I love my dogs, but you can only play fetch so many times. This was the place to be to make friends, connections, and even network! Because of Moishe House I was able to find my current job in one of the worst economies!

Soon I was asked to move into the Moishe House and become a Resident. Being a Resident is completely different that a participant. I am obligated to plan 8 events a month, attend all events, and know everyone’s name – OY, What an obligation! Yes, but it’s also been the greatest Mitzvah that I have had the privilege to/and will continue to participate in. The opportunity to grow and enhance the Orange County Jewish Young Adult community is something I never even dreamt I could participate in, never mind lead!

Moishe House is a necessity for the survival of the growing Jewish Community.


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