Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hi all!

Moishe MoCo.... in the past few months we've moved to Rockville, brought together a new and changing demographic, had an easier walk from the Metro, and met up with SPRING! Not only have I personally gained so much from a moving from the basement to the master bedroom, but the house can now boast an elaborate backyard perfect for BBQ's and flag football (and slip n' slide?) We're already taking advantage of the warmer weather with picnics and outdoor Shabbat dinners.

The new neighborhood is beautiful, friendly, and most importantly JEWISH. We just got a Mishloach Manot from our neighbors down the block and partnered with the local Aish rabbi for Jewish learning opportunities. We live within a mile of four synagogues, and two miles from the JCC and Federation. How great is it to go to the JCC gym and see people working out in kippas and speaking Hebrew?

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