Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring - Gil from MH Denver

As spring settles upon us, it is a great time to look at what's ahead. Everything is blooming and rejuvenating. So to, if any of you is feeling sluggish from the winter hibernation, let this be a wake up call. The weather is warm and the sun is shining so get your tuchus off the couch and make some moves. Plan some cool events, previously impossible because of the gloomy grays of winter.
The winter was great. Don't get me wrong, we all had some good times. You've got all those holidays smushed in there, with endless meals and celebration. Of course New Years and Christmas time is fun no matter where you are. And yes there was sledding and skiing and even some caroling, drinking warm cocoa by the fire and that good stuff. But let's be honest... outdoors is where it's at, the way G-d intended.
At Denver Moishe House it means that frisbee season is back, among other things. We make sure at least every month we have a relaxing outdoor activity, usually in the park. It's good for you, good for soul, your neshama, your Qi' if you will. Grab some snacks, a blanket and your friends. Put down the blackberry. I promise it will be ok. Life is all good.
Check out Hazon to find out about community gardens in your area. Go out for a day of planting and harvesting. It feels good and you can eat the benefits of all your hard work. Spread the joy of spring to everyone you know. Do some Tikun Olam or something! Just get out there. This is the true cry of Spring. And it is upon us, so all head. Make sure to keep that smile wide as you step outside into the sunny blue skies. Ya they'll be a rainy day here or there... but that's life baby!

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