Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ben Levinson-Moishe House St. Louis

Hey Everyone,

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already been 8 months since I have moved into Moishe House. It seems like just a couple weeks ago that I was talking with Lee'at and Jordan about filling their last available slot. Now, all of a sudden, I am a veteran of the house for more than half a year. A lot has changed in my life since I have joined, I have a girlfriend now who is unbelievable, I have been promoted at work, and I became the vice chair for social activities at SLIC (Saint Louis Israel Connection, Israeli advocacy group).

I think about becoming a Moishe House resident daily and I always eventually come to the conclusion that I've been having such a great time and am so much better for it. Before I came to Moishe House I was quite a lazy person. I had plenty of friends that were involved with Jewish organizations around the community and did their best to involve me in all of them but the only thing on my mind was getting back to the couch to watch the game. I would never seek out things to do actively and mostly waited around the house after work until someone called me up with something to do.

Now that I am in Moishe House I have so many more opportunities to go to different events, specifically to represent the house and introduce new people, and see if I would like to become more involved with the different things I'm being exposed to. For instance, I was approached by an Orthadox synagogue a month ago to help out with an Indian Shabbat they were planning. Me, not being a very religious person, most likely would have shrugged them off not being very interested in the event had it been only for myself. Now that I am in Moishe House, I have a vested interest in developing creative programming that attracts Jewish young adults from all different denominations and saw this as a great idea to reach out to more observant Jews in the area. At the event I was greeted warmly by the congregation (the Rabbi actually friended me on Facebook prior to the event) and had a wonderful time.

I'm happy to have Moishe House in my life and be such a driving force behind it because it allows me to explore new things that I most likely wouldn't have wanted much to do with. It has opened me up to new friendships and keeps me thinking about better ways to connect the community. For all of this, I am very thankful!

Ben Levinson

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