Sunday, October 3, 2010

October at MoHoLo: Happy Birthday to you!

Hello MoHoLo lovers everywhere

Happy Birthday to you!
"What?" you say "But it isn't my birthday!"
"Ah ha!" we say, "but it is the birthday of the House".
Yes, we have reached our THIRD birthday!  

And of course, the House is formed not simply by bricks, mortar and residents:
We five work full-time in our own jobs, and run the House in our spare time, so we couldn't possibly have got here without you.  So Happy Birthday to you!
Increasingly we are seeing you step forwards to use the House to actualise ideas that you have for your lives, your neighbourhood and the Jewish world you want to make for yourselves, instead of waiting for someone else to make them happen.  There's also a tangible difference in your relationship with the House, in the love, care and creativity you put into it.
Keep going. 
And be brave.
You may as well: This is the place to push the boundaries of what community can be and do.
Get in touch.  
And if you are interested in living with us, remember we have a rolling application process, so email us back and we will send you the magical three questions!  
Be the change you wish to see in the World. 
Or in Willesden Green for starters.
And did we mention you can get your tickets for our birthday party here?

Here's the rest of October's events.
See you in our dreams,

RRR, Aviad, Brett, Joel and Alli (Tali is in Colombia!)
P.S. Thanks to Jess Lenza, who took care of the house during in the Summer, along with new resident Alli!

Firstly, congratulations to Michael Leventhal for co-ordinating the awe-inspiring GefilteFest today, raising over  £2000 for Bet Shean Foodbank and Leket, as well as supporting local women's collective Spice Caravan who fed us delicious food all day long. 

Saturday, October 9

MoHoLo 3rd Year Anniversary Party!

Where:MoHoLo, Willesden Green - if you don't know, get to know... 
When:Saturday, October 9 from 8:00 pm to late 

Happy Birthday to us. This October Moishe House London will be celebrating its 3rd massive year!!
We've come a long way baby. From our opening party in Chatsworth Road, October '07 - immortalised by Sara Cox, who broadcast news of our Drum and Bass saxophone antics to her nationwide listeners on Radio1 - to the epic Moishe Fest of July '09; from Lag B'Omer bonfires to the amazing Grassroots services that took place here this Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur...
The memories are too many to list, so celebrate with us in our now much loved home.
For the first time, we'll have FILTHY KICKS playing live for us - fusing Eastern European folk with Drum and Bass, Hip Hop and Breaks and all live and direct! We'll have a fat sound system and you know the club space is great. The event is ticketed at £10, raising money to pay off the remaining costs of damages to our old place. We will supply a little bit of food and drink, but we still ask you to come with some of your own to consume and share (veggie food only please). If MoHoLo has been good to you at any point in the last three years, bring something that reminds you of the good times. As always, our space is your space, with room for you to contribute to the creativity. Get in touch with Joel, Brett, Alli or Aviad if you'd like to help lift this one high above your average house party - it's what we do here!

Monday, October 11

Jelly: Casual Co-working at MoHoLo

Where:Moishe House London
When:Monday, October 11 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Jelly is a casual working event, particular useful for the freelance amongst us. It's taken place in over a hundred cities where people have come together (in a person's home, a coffee shop, or an office) to work for the day. We provide chairs and sofas, wireless internet, and interesting people to talk to, collaborate with, and bounce ideas off of.
You bring a laptop (or whatever you need to get your work done) and a friendly disposition.
Show up when you wish, but do let us know that you are planning to come so we can estimate numbers.
8am stretching and porridge for the wholesome amongst you! 
Any time between 9am-4pm for everyone else. 
Bring vegetarian things and curious teas to share if you wish. 
WiFi available, but please only for work that won't block the connection for everyone else. If possible, please bring your own music too, so that the bandwidth isn't taken up with lots of streaming activities! 
Contact us for address and any other details.

Saturday, October 16

Storytelling Melaveh Malkah with Sheikh Ghassan Mana'sra & Chana Yaffe

Where: MoHoLo
When: Saturday, October 16 from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Sheikh Ghassan Manasra is a Palestinian Sufi Sheikh from Nazareth, a spiritual teacher, author, and scholar of Islamic writers.
Cana Jaffe is a Jewish storyteller and singer who lives in Jerusalem and performs internationally. She is the coordinator of Middle East Activities for Spirit of Peace and the founder of Stories4Peace. 
Together they are touring the UK during October, sharing their cultural traditions of storytelling, together with other participatory arts, to bring multifaith and cultural groups together around the important themes of peace and reconciliation.
We request a £5 donation which will go towards the work of Jerusalem Peacemakers and the Spirit of Peace.
For those who are joining us before the end of Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath), a donation in advance or afterward would be greatly appreciated.
Spirit of Peace is working alongside others to rise to the above challenge, in the field of peace building and social cohesion. Its purpose is to foster greater peace and equality, the main thrust of the work being in The UK, and also in The Middle East (through partnership with Jerusalem Peacemakers).

Tuesday, October 19

Laughter Yoga with Adam Oliver

Where:Moishe House London
When:Tuesday, October 19 from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

"What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul"  Yiddish proverb
Laughter Yoga is a unique technique which enables "Laughter for no reason". You don't even need a sense of humour, funny jokes or comedy programmes - just a willingness to laugh. It combines laughter exercises with Yogic breathing to increase the amount of oxygen in your body whilst being playful, resulting in you feeling more healthy, energised and alive. 
The session will run for just over an hour, ending with a laughter meditation and will be run by Adam Oliver.
SUGGESTED DONATION: £5 (please contact us if you feel you are unable to make a financial donation but would like to come. Do not be embarrassed!)
Adam has spent the last 10 years exploring ways of opening people up to their inner-selves, through performance, play and ritual. He has worked with some of the greatest theatrical practitioners of the age studying rogue, clown and fool. He currently lives in London on a boat where he works as a performer, comedian and workshop leader. He is fond of hats.

...and book now for this!
Sunday, December 5

Mental Health First Aid (Part 1 of 3)

Where:Moishe House London
When:Sunday, December 5 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

COST: EARLY BIRD PRICE: book by 14th Nov and pay £55, full price:
Did you know that 1 in 4 people will have at least one mental health problem at some point in their lives? 
Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training will strengthen the support that you offer to an affected friend, family member, colleague or person in your community. It will enable you to recognise the signs and symptoms of those affected by mental health problems and offer initial help and guidance towards appropriate professional services.

This 12-hour national training programme is endorsed by the Department of Health and National Mental Health Development Unit, and is delivered by accredited MHFA trainers Claire Nacamuli, from JAMI (Jewish 
mental health charity) and Katrin Eichhorn.
Delegates will receive a certificate and manual upon completion of course.
Sunday 5th December 10am-5pm,  Tuesday 8th December 7pm-10pm & Thursday 10th December 7pm-10pm.

COST: EARLY BIRD PRICE: book by 14th Nov and pay £55, full price: £75

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