Monday, October 25, 2010

Michael from Vienna - MH Blog Post

Before I get to some interesting points about my life in Moishe House Vienna, I wanna give a very special thank to all the people who made this whole thing possible, who established lots of houses around the globe, where jewish people can find themselves and make the jewish community all around the world some more stronger. Thank you Moishe House.

As I moved into Moishe House some time ago, a new chapter of life started. I didnt´t have this kind of experience before in my life. Moving out from somewhere to a place where you live with some other guys or girls together and organizing events to lots of others; it`s actually a pleasure. My whole lifestyle has changed since i ´ve been living here. Just differences like waking up in the morning, having breakfast with cool mates, having discussions about upcoming events, talking about life and its sides... as I said, a big pleasure.

Also a new experience was the responsibility, which increased from moment to moment. Living in Moishe House has actually increased my responsibility by factors... you have to get along with the guys you live with, which worked and still works out almost perfectly. You get to known more and more people by each event and change the phone numbers. It`s not seldom that people call you and ask for next events.. and every time I am happy to say: “ yes next Monday or Tuesday , movie night, oriental night, discussion evenings, or next Friday big holy shabbes meal..."

And you know, it´s not done by saying those things to people; YOU have to make those events happen, and every time it turns out to get a challenge. I don´t like things to get to fixed procedures . Actually I have to say WE, cause we are always looking for improvement, trying to get events to a perfection... as I said TRYING, 'cause as you know it says: nobody´s perfect ;-)

Living in Moishe house is the best that could happen to me, I don´t think that I´ll be living again together with such nice guys having great times and events... and Moishe House is a kind of procedue in life, which lets you grow out of yourself.

It is a lot of giving and giving, and I have to admit, sometimes it crosses through your own privacy, but the price you get for it is actually one of the best experiences you can have. It is a part in my life where i can definetly say: it gets me farther, it developes me, it changes some point of views in my life, you just see things in another way , it increases you peronal horizon.

Well guys, let me tell you one thing, I could write a romance bout` Moishe House. What I mean is, if you may have the opportunity once, just try living somtime at moishe house anywhere around the globe und you´ll see, cause as you know it says:

“ A picture says more than 1000 words” ;-)



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