Thursday, October 14, 2010

Danielle Friedman - Moishe House Mexico City

I am a new Moishe House Mexico City resident and I couldn't be more excited. I first moved to Mexico City about a year ago on a visual arts fellowship. The first few weeks in the city I was searching for a young, welcoming community that would feel familiar and warm. I knew I didn't have to look farther than the latest email in my inbox. It was a JTA article my uncle had sent me- headline: "In Mexico City, insular community begins to reach out." In five minutes I learned of one perspective on the Mexican Jewish Community (a very common one) and I was intrigued. It was that easy, and I got the emails of three great guys who had just opened Moishe House Mexico City.

We met up for coffee and there was an instant connection. I was so excited to have somewhere to go for Shabbat and just have a place to hang out, especially being new to such a humongous city. The three boys were great company and I already felt like I knew them. Now, a year later, the opportunity had come up for me to move into the Moishe House and it just felt right...

So, I did it! A few weeks here and I absolutely love it. The apartment is beautiful and so are my roommates. The house just has an incredible vibe- really chill, welcoming and homey. We are going to create such great memories here.

So far we have planned the months of October and November. There are so many great occasions to celebrate like the one year anniversary of the Mexico City Moishe House, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving (my personal favorite) and the list goes on. We will keep everyone updated! I feel so lucky to be a part of such a unique and important local and global community!

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