Monday, October 4, 2010

Happenings in MH Great Neck

As the holiday season just ended we had many opportunities to throw some amazing events. We have been hosted events from singles dating events, to Jewish learning classes and our famous "Haflot" (From the Arabic word "hafla" meaning party) Additionally, we make an effort to team up with other local organizations to help market our name to a plethora of people that we otherwise would not have been able to reach. Among the recent ones outstanding were the succah building event. We managed to get a van and go to Home Depot and build an entire succah from scratch. Considering no member of our home or community has done such in the past it was as much a learning process as it was a fun one. You'd think with over 10 people participating someone would have had some experience? But still we managed to successfully build a kosher 8x12 ft succah and hosted meals there as well as after party munch fests. Now the only task remaining is to take it down...

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