Tuesday, October 5, 2010

change & progress in dc.

Rapid change is afoot at Moishe House DC! As the newly-coronated senior resident, I wish Steven and Rivka all the best in their post-Moishe endeavors, as I and the remaining housefolk eagerly await two new housemates, who are sure to alter the tone and personality of our house—a jarring, albeit healthy and reinvigorating permutation. And, though it’s quite hard for me to believe, I’m nearing my second anniversary as a resident of the Moishe House in Washington, DC.

It’s been an exceptional experience thus far, which has allowed me not only to grow in numerous personal capacities, but has afforded me a laboratory in which to experiment and contribute to the creation of an unparalleled, vibrant young Jewish community in Washington, DC. After approximately four years of existence, the unique impact of MHDC is widely-recognized, and we’ve done well differentiating ourselves from the many, many institutional Jewish community offerings in the District. In fact, the level of notoriety which we’ve attained is now proving to be a new challenge; we're determining how to retain the essence that has characterized MHDC since its inception and set us apart—fresh, alternative and eminently comfortable—while we simultaneously embrace new partnerships with organizations and friends who wish to see us grow and prosper, effectively bringing us above the radar we once intentionally hid below. I look forward to helping MHDC navigate these new waters. Year three, here I come…

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