Thursday, October 7, 2010

Max Pollak-Moishe House Baltimore

"Greetings from the newly formed Moishe House Baltimore. We are just finishing up our 2nd month here in Baltimore and I can say that I have enjoyed every moment of it. We already have a great core group of people who come over to our house, watch football on Sundays, come to our BBQ’s and our Shabbat dinners. The Baltimore Community really has embraced us and we are off to a great start. The one event that has really blown my mind was our first Shabbat dinner.

Not knowing exactly what to expect we held our first Shabbat dinner. The date happened to coincide with our roommate Mickey’s birthday. As the night went on people filtered in, all different ages backgrounds and everything came over and enjoyed the company, food and all around good times at our house. Overall about 30 people came out for our inaugural Shabbat and we shared lots of laughs and good times. After a few hours the party moved from our house to our rooftop decks where we hung out and relaxed under the stars gazing out at the Baltimore City skyline.

To me what makes a community and an “event” isn’t as much about the programming, as it is about the people. The group of people that came out and attended immediately had a connection and people were feeding off of each other’s energy and excitement. There were friends that I have known for years, friends I just met, and people we had just met, and everyone immediately mingled together and I saw people exchanging phone numbers and contact info. I had a saying in college when I was an orientation leader that I told all of my incoming freshman on their first day, “if you can make one new friend, get one new phone number or find one person that you can go to lunch with, your community has grown,” and I think that applies to our community here in Baltimore.

Our community here in Baltimore is growing and I am so proud of the work that has been going on here and I am so excited to keep this momentum going that we have started. Each event has been strong and the people that have attended I’m sure can agree, they are most importantly, FUN! If your ever in town please feel free to stop by and say hello, even if there nothing planned!"

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