Friday, June 1, 2012

Moishe House Baltimore - Mickey's Post

It is amazing to think that my time as a resident of Moishe House Baltimore will soon be coming to an end. To say that it has been an incredible ride would be a real understatement. Although I have been a resident for almost two years, it seems just yesterday that former resident Max Pollak and I went to the initial informational meeting at Johns Hopkins University to learn about this crazy concept called Moishe House. Throughout my time in the house, I have had the incredible opportunity to meet so many cool people and build friendships that may not have otherwise been possible. Few things have been quite as satisfying as affording young Jewish adults the chance to incorporate some level of Judaism into their lives through an environment in which they can feel comfortable and relaxed. As a Jewish communal professional working for Hillel, I spend most of my time working directly with college aged students. Although my job is fantastic and allows me to be very creative, it is just as important to seek out new, out-of-the-box ways to incorporate Judaism into the lives of my very own friends within my own personal and regional network. In this world, when someone opens up a new business, it is imperative that the person educates themselves about current trends and business practices and adapt as such. This, to me, is exactly what makes Moishe House so successful— we have successfully adapted and made the necessary adjustments to fulfill the needs and interests of young Jewish adults in the world today. Though I certainly will miss being a resident of the house, I will undoubtedly continue to support Moishe House Baltimore and the new incoming residents. know they will come in here with fresh pairs of eyes and brand new ideas that will help bring us to the next level. There is nothing short of a bright future in store for Moishe House Baltimore!

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