Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to Throw The Best Event Ever: Tips from a Pro Moishee

Have you ever wondered how the Moishees across the world plan amazing event after amazing event? Well LOOK NO FURTHER, friends! Here is a handy dandy step-by-step instructional guide to do just that! Follow these items and you'll be on your way to planning MOT meet 'n greets, bashes, and bonanzas all on your own! STEP 1: BRAINSTORMING Sit down with your co-event planners, or stare down at a piece of paper (if you're riding solo). All stare blankly at each other for a bit. Go around and say "ummmmm" or "emmm" (if you're of the israeli persuasion) for a little bit. When you decide on throwing a learning slash drinking event, all throw out multiple ideas at once. Have the secretary-by-nature scribble illegible notes. Give it a Pun-ny name incorporating the word "Moish-". All be pumped at your brilliance and creativity! STEP 2: DIVISION OF RESPONSIBILITIES Attempt to figure out how to divide all the work evenly! Eventually, settle on the person who works from home doing all the cooking prep, with the person who gets home earliest doing set-up, and the person who works late buying groceries the night before. NICE. STEP 3: PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE We are digital people, we live in a digital age, in a digital world (via Daft Punk). Make a facebook event. Use a stock photo from google images, and then use Preview or Microsoft Paint to copy and paste the Moishe House logo and/or a Jewish Star and/or an animated Rabbi with Payos onto said google image of beer. Invite your 1,000 person network, including all other American Moishe Houses who could not possibly attend across the country. STEP 4: EXECUTE EVENT HOORAY! It was a HUGE success. You ably talked to the guests who arrived on time while still cooking the meal, you introduced nice Jewish boys to nice Jewish girls (and any combination therein!), you had a little nosh, maybe a little drash, you expressed undying love for your rooommates at least 3x over the course of the evening, and you ended up in a cuddle puddle on your somewhat over-used couch. Now that that hard part's over, on to . . . STEP 5: CLEAN-UP You wake up at 11am and you make sure to put on your flip flops because you are NOT walking on that floor barefoot! Except for that one roommate, who is kind of gross. . . just kidding guys! Grab multiple garbage bags, dutifully separating trash and recycling like a champ. Wipe down tablecloths BEFORE putting them away (DON'T SKIP THIS STEP IT IS SO IMPORTANT LET ME TELL YOU YOU DO NOT WANT STICKY TABLECLOTHS), and finally, whip out the steam mop you borrowed from your mom to make your floor sparkling (or as close as possible) as can be! If you follow these 5 important steps, every event is sure to go off without a hitch! To see how it's done, come to a Moishe House NEXT Shabbat dinner or brunch any time this summer! --Rachel Kraus

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