Monday, June 4, 2012

Jeremy Guzik’s May Moishe House Blog

Living in the Moishe House has been quite the journey. It all started a year and a half ago in January of 2010, back in the time when I couldn’t cook, didn’t know how to organize an event, and had never really lived on my own, college aside. My have things changed with time. Throwing about eight events each month, we have tried all types of events including outdoors activities, intellectual discussions, poker nights, beer brewing, themed parties, tea parties, dance classes, and of course Shabbats and holidays. I realized, it really isn’t about what the event is, but getting the community to come out to participate. Once they are there, they create the event and the theme means nothing, most of the time. ☺ Our House alone has gone through some adventures along the way in the past year. One thing we have dealt with is the continual urge to try to get new people to come out to events, which in turn helped us make the decision to moving our house from Laguna Beach to Costa Mesa becoming more centrally located in Orange County. Aside from being quite close to the beach, this was the best decision ever. Our events started to get more people out and the community felt again, like a community. Another key thing was getting enough funding to keep our house around. We quickly went to work along with much help from our community to accumulate the funds needed, which we have succeeded in, at least up until June 2013. A few people from our community came to us, one of them writing an article on what Moishe House does for our community and how it differs from other organizations, and another person came with the connection to get Moishe House in Jewish Life Magazine. Did I say in it, I meant on the cover of it, along with a few pages that included the article and a few photos from the magazine’s photographer taken at our Sha-Brunch event. This moment truly showed how much our community needed and wanted us to stay around. If not for them stepping up, who knows if our house would have survived another year? It has truly been a privilege to be among those living in a Moishe House from around the world. Having met most of the other residents on our retreats, I feel we all have something in common, the strive to make our own communities better, and have some fun times in the process. This bond of being part of something bigger has really motivated me to continue on in this path of life. Better yet, because of it, I can’t wait to find out what organized chaos will occur in the years to come.

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Well put Jeremy!!! :)