Thursday, December 2, 2010

Moishe December

Chanukah loving, mental health training, Indian feasting, tantric, interfaith tea-sipping, blindfolded dining, drum banging, Torah studying, post-Limmud rocking... December into the New Year at Moishe House London.

Read on dear ones, for all the details. As with all of our events, message us up if you want the full address.

04 December


Where:The Jewish Museum, Camden
When:04 December from 19:30 to 23:30

MoHoLo (ho ho ho), Wandering Jews, the Jewish Museum and the JCC present – Jewltide, the alternative Winterval music, art and performance party. £8 in advance, £10 on the door.
05 December

Mental Health First Aid (Part 1 of 3)

Where:Moishe House London
When: 05 December from 10:00 to 17:00

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training will
strengthen the support that you offer to an
affected friend, family member, colleague
or person in your community. It will enable
you to recognise the signs and symptoms of
those affected by mental health problems
and offer initial help and guidance towards
appropriate professional services.

Sunday 5th December 10am-5pm, 
Tuesday 7th December 7pm-10pm
& Thursday 9th December 7pm-10pm.

COST: £75
Please book your place by emailing
12 December

South Indian Delights

Where:Moishe House London (message us for full address)
When: 12 December from 19:00 to 21:00

An evening of South Indian delicacies, music, dance and films (on the MoHoLo big screen).

Come tickle your taste buds with freshly prepared south Indian vegetarian delicacies. Idly, dosa, vada, uthappam... these south Indian delights will be freshly prepared in front of you. Eat till your heart's content and support a great cause, helping Susannah Morcowitz to raise £2,235 to volunteer with the Association of People with Disabilities ( for more information) for a year.
14 December

An Introduction to Tantra

Where:MoHoLo (Moishe House London)
When: 14 December from 19:00 to 21:30

An Introduction to Tantra: Intimacy and Fulfilment through Diamond Light Tantra.Tantra is an ancient pragmatic method to dissolve our sense of separation and isolation, and to enhance connectedness, harmony, compassion within intimacy and in all relationships. It develops integrity, naturalness and joy. Tantra is an approach that recognises the beauty and sacredness of all life, including sexuality, from which all life is born. As Tantra values choice, safety and respect, Diamond Light workshops are easily accessible, and allow for individual choices in relation to boundaries and intimacy. Direct sexual contact is not involved.
15 December

SolidariTea- Moishe House

Where:Moishe House London (message for address)
When: 15 December from 19:00 to 22:00

Join us for a multicultural, interfaith tea and hang out! Take part in some lively conversation, a showing of "Pedalling for Peace", Benji Holzman's documentary about an interfaith cycle across parts of Australia, and much more! 

This event is taking place internationally between December 10th (International Human Rights Day) and December 20th (International Human Solidarity Day), but join Moishe House on December 15th!
16 December

Dining in the Dark

Where:Moishe House London, Willesden Green (message us for the exact address)
When:16 December from 19:30 to 21:30

Enjoy a delicious blindfolded feast, sans utensils. By eliminating your eyesight, sink into the non-visual elements of your dining experience: flavor, texture, smell, bodily comfort. Instead of eating one bite while preparing the next one, happily dwell in whatever bite you happen to be eating *right now.* Will include other blindfolded activities during the meal. Vegetarian as standard: please message Joel if you have specific dietary requirements (e.g. vegan or gluten-free). Bring a blindfold!
22 December


When: 22 December from 19:00 to 20:30

Back by popular demand. We ran this the first time and had around 20 people who by the end, were actually making good noises. Do you own a hand drum (Djembe, Darbuka) or the like? Do you get angry with people that pick up hand drums at parties and can't play them? Have you always wondered how you can actually make one of these things sound good? Do you have a tambourine, wood block or Guiro? We want you to bring your hand drums and percussion and we will be holding a session where you can learn some basic rudiments of these instruments, to tuirn them from noise, into music. You will be able to pick up where we left off after the first one, there will be a re-cap for 10 minutes and then we will plough on with more rhythmic madness.
23 December

Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb

Where:Moishe House London (message us for full address)
When: 23 December from 19:30 to 21:00

'From the Titanic to Chile: In a Crisis, Who's Saved First?'

Moishe House London and Marom are proud to host a shiur (learning session) with Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb, Director of the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Saturday, 01 January 2011

Shotei Hanevua and friends! A New Years post-Limmud concert

Where: Moishe House London (message us for the full address)
When:Saturday, 01 January 2011 from 17:30 to 22:00

A New Years Night concert and gathering to revive and inspire you forwards into 2011, featuring Roi Levi, founder-singer-songwriter of legendary Israeli band Shotei Hanevua! When Shabbat goes out on New Years Day we'll get going with an interactive multimedia talk and performance from Seth Rogovoy, revealing the prophetic roots of and influence on the music of Bob Dylan. Then Roi will take to the stage with Danny Raphael, playing music from their collaborative project Eser, as well as hits from Shotei Hanevua. Warning: this event will leave you feeling far too good for a New Years Day and is likely to end in a glorious, smile-inducing jam session!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Willesden Green Wassail

Where:Willesden Green High Street
When: Sunday, 23 January 2011 from 14:00 to 17:00

A repeat of last year's great success! Be a part of the incredible local London wassailing, featuring a range of fantastic performers. Join us for a song and story walk through Willesden Green, help us to celebrate our apple tree's first birthday (the one we planted outside the library!), and come to Monsoon Cafe afterwards for hot drinks and chatter.

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