Monday, December 6, 2010

Becca November Blog

Hi, it's Becca here from Moishe House Portland. I've been unable to make it to the last couple retreats due to poorly-timed health problems. I guess I'll write about the last couple months at our house and what's been goin on!

I find it funny that I feel that I've reached a comfort with Moishe House programming right around the time our house's elders, Jodi and Jeremy, are moving on. Coming up with unique and exciting programming was daunting at first, and honestly, it still is. Over the last several months, I've noticed that we've got it down. It helps to remember our community's needs and the importance of diversifying events. Now we try to have 2 Torah learning events, 2 Shabbat dinners, a couple sports-like events, and fill in the rest with whatever else seems needed in that month. We usually split up the events among the 4 of us, but over the last several months, despite massive obstacles in my own personal life, I'm kind of proud of myself that I've been doing more like 3 events a month for the house instead of 1 or 2. It also helps that other organizations or groups in Portland reach out to us and want to co-sponsor. For example, a group of us went to Chabad's Chanuka celebration night at the Portland Blazer's game. In November, we did a really cool event with the Federation--2 teenagers from a coexistence-themed charter school in Israel flew out to speak to communities along the West Coast. It was important to the Portland Federation that the teens speak to young adults, in hopes to inspire them (slash "us") to get involved in this whole budding peace idea. What a concept, right? :)

So I suppose I'm excited about a few things. 1) Moishe House Portland is doing well. 2) I never thought I'd reach this kind of comfort level with being a Moishe House resident, but I have. And I love it so, so much. :) 3) Even though we have elders leaving soon, and it's sad, things are ok. And we're still finding time to get together and enjoy our last few weeks together. We had a "family movie night" this week, it was cute. And Julia, our new roomie, is already active in planning programs in Portland, which is way awesome. She pretty much single-handedly kick-started a Portland chapter of Challah for Hunger!

I love Moishe House! :)

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