Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Unwelcome Guests brings MHSS residents together...

With the weather getting colder, everyone wants shelter. Normally MHSS has an open door policy and welcomes everyone into our space. However, this winter we stand together in not wanting to keep our doors open to the mice that have made the MHSS their home. It's unclear the number of mice who have taken residence in our home, but there has been eye witness accounts of three snacking on some crumbs in the kitchen. Our main fear is they are breeding in our walls. You may wonder what steps we have taken:
1) sticky traps (yes, they may be inhumane, but we have had a higher success that the snap traps)
2) poison
3) anti mouse noise sensor
4) removing all sources of food
5) cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
Unfortunately, #1, #2, #3 haven't seemed to work. and # 4 encourages our visitors to explore the rest of our houses - such as our bedrooms. And of course #5 has become a challenge due to the number of visitors who are welcomed and most of our programs have a food component.

You may wonder why I am writing about this in the MH blog. One, it's been about 95% of my thoughts in the past 24 hours and two, I want to show how it's brought MHSS together. The main example is half of our house is petrified of the mice and will have nothing to do with the mouse traps, and so the other housemates have been very supportive in dealing with mouse removal and scaring them away. Other housemates take a very active role in removing all crumbs from the kitchen and throwing out sources of food. MHSS stands together in doing what we can to say goodbye to our unwelcome guests.

Wish us luck in our endeavors!

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