Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MoHoDen - Natalie's Blog

I survived my first quarter in the Moishe House!! It was barely four months ago when I first heard about Moishe House and it was suggested that we apply to open the first Denver house. My thinking of "Sure, why not?" could have been thought through a bit more carefully but it has been an incredible experience. Together, Josh, Elliot and I have hosted many young people who are searching for a place to experience their Judaism. They had tried, without success, to find a place to fit it while sharing their Jewish identity and meeting others like themselves. Talking with these people has made this experience worthwhile for me. I feel like we have made a difference in people's lives just by opening our doors to celebrate a simple Shabbat meal and lively discussion. Sure, these first few months didn't come without hardship but it was nice to hear (at the regional retreat) that every house struggles with the same things we do.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the marketing aspect of starting a new organization in the Denver Metro area. I have received so many emails/calls from people who are intrigued by the MoHo and all that it offers. It always makes my day when I explain who we are and what we do and hear that a new person is interested in meeting us and attending our events. Our growth has been substantial since our first event and I look forward to the new faces and new experiences that the MoHoDen will provide.


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