Monday, December 21, 2009

MHSF-Sarah's blog

I've been thinking a lot lately about roommate dynamics and how important that is to a successful moishe house. Here in SF we have been in transition with one roommate moving out and two new roommates moving in, and it's been quite a process! I won't bore you with details, but suffice it to say that it's been tough at times and for now we are operating 'one man down' if you will until the new year. What's been great throughout all this work to select new roommates though is the way the 3 of us currently in the house work so well at collaborating for events, communicating about planning and logistics, and also just sharing time together as friends and roommates. I think what makes my life doable (the balance between work, moishe house, and 'play' time with friends and loved ones), is the support we each give each other in my house and the way the trials and tribulations of roommate transitions have brought us closer instead of farther apart.

I've also realized how important it is to do this work with others who are like minded, social, and supportive of you. To that end, Danny, Ari and I put a lot of work into selecting our two newest house members and really talked openly about what we are looking for in terms of roommates and co-conspirators. It's been fun to see how many people are stoked at the idea of living at our house, and also to see the variety of types of people interested in the project. There are a lot of people out there, all of them are interesting and great in their own way... but it's important to make sure you select people that you mesh with, even if it's hard to turn some people down. So, basically what I'm trying to say is just that I've been thankful for the support of my roommates (whom I love dearly) through this transition, and am very excited for what's in store with two new faces in the house. We are going from a house of 3 dudes and me, the sole lady, to a house with 3 girls, and 2 guys. It's going to be a whole new MHSF folks!

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