Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Joel, London: individual blog

It's been all change at Moishe House London. Daniel Lichman has moved out (trekking in Nepal and India), Lianna has left to get married and move to Brighton, and we've absorbed Rachel Godfrey (who lived with us in the summer) and Aviad (our first Israeli housemate) as full residents. But I can say quite confidently we feel close as a house and are blending really well. Things are a bit broken up at the moment, with various housemates away and preparations gathering pace for Limmud, but then we enter a post New Year period of real creativity and activity at MoHoLo. RRR is organising a wassailing event with a local apple picking group. Apparently, wassailing is the old, old English equivalent of Tu Bishvat and involves walking the streets, singing and blessing trees. It'll be the latest in a line of attempts to add something to our local neighbourhood and make new connections with our surrounding community, Jewish and non-Jewish.

Actually one thing that's surprised me, since changes to the Mintranet have made it more possible to see partnerships, has been the high percentage of projects and events on which we collaborate with other organisations and groups. It's more than half of our 7+ per month, which kind of reflects our approach here. Our house has always been a community hub for the forward-thinking London Jewish community. Long may it continue.


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