Thursday, May 3, 2012

Eli - Moishe House East Bay

My life in the Moishe began one Shabbat dinner that my friend Vanessa invited me to. There I found myself dinning in a small intimate young cool group of jews that enjoy to celebrate the shabbat and chill together. Moishe House Oakland felt home. The night theme was spoken word. It was Joshua Walters one of the current resident, to become my dear friend later led the event with his exciting approach to performance art. That made me realize that this kind of group is leading the type of life I was looking to live. Creating a jewish community for young jews like me, who has strong interest in Performance art, poetry, and music and looking for the rest of the community to join them in our passion. It just felt only right to join a group like that. And so it happened that they were looking for a new housemate. It was a love from first sight and a few weeks later I was already moving in. The Moishe House gave me the supportive structure and funds to lead and create events with a complete freedom. The stage was open and my mind was the director. At that time we already had a few hundred frequent visitors, so it was relatively easy to have a lively attendance. To reach out to other young jews who were looking to celebrate their jewishness in an expressing and artistic way. I created events like lectures about herbal medicines, psychosomatic healing workshops, house concerts, camping trips, massage therapy workshops, radical improv game nights and more. By being an active Moishe House leader I also enriched my private career life and developed new skills that were going to serve me in my unknown then, future careers. While I was already a practicing massage therapist. With the Moishe House I had the opportunity to organize and facilitate massage workshops and healing art events. Through leading I learned a great deal about organizing and guiding a group of people in intimate setting. It was important act fro me to bring it to the community as I believe its a very nourishing and life alongating skill for the private and communal well being. Besides learning how important it was for me to teach touch, I also developed my photography hobby into a career. Starting from creating costume parties where we made photo shoots, and I got to shoot many other fun events at our home and outdoors. By doing that I realized that my passion can be my profession. And so I went to photography schooland now I manage my time between the Moishe House, massage therapy, and being a professional Photographer. Here is my link to my website: Thanks for reading, and please feel free to contact me with any question at:

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