Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Compassionate Caring Community

"God is not the destruction of a hurricane, but the relief after the storm" -Rabbi Gersh Zylberman

University Synagogue Preschool Community has helped build the foundation for my passion to be a Jewish leader and dedicate my heart to helping Jewish families in need. For over three years I have volunteered for the Community Scholarship Program at USP and we help raise funds for our local community members in need. During the school year 2010-2011 we were informed of a family crisis within my classroom. The mother was diagnosed with cancer and the father lost his job simultaneously. This experience I developed strong leadership skills and my ambition to support my local Jewish community members in need. During this hurricane our Jewish Community rose above to support this family and I experienced the strength a quality community can bring. Additionally, I knew that I had to pursue lifelong opportunities to unite and lead local Jewish community members to support each other through out the roller coaster we call life. There are times we are up and down, but if you belong to a quality community such as, Moishe House we can share the blessings and struggles in life together.

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Susan said...

Life is unpredictable thus personal, family, community problems and natural phenomena are there unexpectedly. In time of trouble and disaster, our family and community are our source of strength to stand up and continue our lives. And we should not forget to thanks the "Above" to our lives always!