Thursday, May 3, 2012

Clive - Moishe House London

Lots of changes in the House at the moment - Rachel is leaving and moving to the seaside. Aviad has gone to Hong Kong today to a conference and to go diving in the Philippines. Brett has just got engaged. We have a new housemate moving in this week - another Israeli, David. I am looking forward to him moving in a lot. He is very good fun and will bring a lovely new energy into the space. I will look forward to more Middle Eastern cooking - shakshuka, etc. Lots of changes in my life too - I have a new girlfriend as of the last few weeks. Now this is interesting because I have not been in a proper relationship for quite a few years. In fact, the last serious girlfriend I had was 4 years ago and it ended so badly that I think I have been put off from being with anyone until now.  It is taking some adjustment for me but is a very welcome addition to my life. 

I had dinner with Jacob tonight. We talked about my new girlfriend. We talked about how everyone in our group is starting to couple up and get married. I guess it's our age. Our community is very close and revolves around the Moishe House. This is something I have always wanted in my life and only really happened a few years ago. Jacob and I were also chatting about my circus show on Saturday. I run a circus cabaret and we had a very successful sell-out show on Saturday in a lovely theatre in Highgate, NW London. Jacob is a theatre producer, so he was giving me some valuable insights as to the appropriate next steps for me to take to push my show even further. We had a very lovely evening. Our conversation turned to which festivals I was planning to attend - was I going to Wild Heart Gathering? Lots of our friends are going this weekend. Of course the conversation then turned to Burning Man. Am I going again this year? I am not going to go. Then we started talking about the last year we were there and how Jacob felt that everyone brought lots and lots of baggage last year. He had just been travelling for 8 weeks before arriving there and felt very relaxed and then, when everyone else arrived, he felt like he was being pinched. He felt like everyone unloaded their shit onto him. Then the conversation moved to previous years at Burning Man and how much fun we had had. We really have had a ludicrous number of good times together. I then recounted to him how I ended up at Burning Man the first time. I met Bronya at work as a doctor at the Royal Free Hospital. She introduced me to lots of things - the Moishe House for one and Burning Man for another. "Clive, come to Burning Man. It will change your life forever". Well, I am not one to ignore my friends when they make such statements. So, not only did I come along, but I also brought Tali along as well. Tali I had met for the first time at Moishe Fest - a one-off festival organised by MoHoLo several years ago - music, games, arts and crafts. Wonderful stuff! So I met Tali for the first time and immediately invited her to Burning Man with me at Bronya's instruction - and so we all went and it was epically, amazingly wonderful. Beautiful, beautiful times. They warm my heart just thinking about them. 

Let's talk a bit more about the house and it's effect on me: One of the many things I love about living in the Moishe House is that even though there are always people around to socialise with, you are always given the space and respect to be alone if you want to be. This is so very important especially if you know what it's like to live alone. It gets pretty lonely. Lonely enough to be motivated to buy your own pedigree cat. Incidentally, due to some allergies within the house, I could not bring little Jabba the Hutt with me, so this he now lives with Uncle Brett and Auntie Anick and is quite a handful. The other thing I love about the house is the quality of people - Such emotionally intelligent, sociable, self-aware creatures. It is truly nourishing and inspiring to be surrounded by such wonderful people for such long periods of time. My time at the house has changed me forever. It is my way of giving back to the community. My way of looking after people who don't have anyone to look after them. My way of being part of something bigger than myself. Not many people get to live in a community like ours and I feel blessed to be a part of it.

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