Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moishe House Philadelphia… Tradition

When my roommates and I plan our calendar each month, we talk about what events to organize, how these events will fit into the holiday calendar, and how to incorporate we spend time talking about what events we would like to do, what events fit in with the Jewish holidays and what events our how to incorporate events Moishe Houseour house has consistently done at this time of year. in the past. I am lucky to have moved into a Moishe house with traditions and history to build upon. Even though Moishe House Philadelphia was only 4 years old when I moved in two summers ago, the house has its own history and events that community members come out every year for a ton of annual events and traditions that my roommates and I are able to build upon. .
That’s not to say there isn’t reinvention and transition. WithThat being said, with each new crop of roommates comesadds a new and exciting element and idea to the mix. new and exciting ideas. This year, we continued the tradition of one of my favorite events, Holiday Cocktails. That’s it you guessed it,What could be better than a holiday party plus +amazing homemade cocktails? = super fun time. This time year we changed it up a little by having our party on Shabbat and added a little more food to the mix. It was our good fortune that Chanukah fell late this year, allowing a fun mix of community members old and new, including some previous house residents..
Our house is lucky in that even after residents move on, many don’t move too far (3 ex residents live in our neighborhood). These may or may not be people I actually lived with, but either way our bond of shared experience is strong. This event, unlike others felt extra special because two of the residents, including myself, had all of our siblings attend. As we gathered for a picture of Moishe House residents old and new, I realized that much like my own brothers (whom I was lucky enough to have with me that night) my Philadelphia housemates old and new are like family rather than just friends. I look forward to a new year full of reinvention, transition and, of course, tradition at Moishe House Philadelphia.

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