Thursday, January 5, 2012

MH San Francisco - Happy New Year

December was an exciting month at mhsf. Me and Sarah are moving out in the middle of January to a new place. It's been a year living here for me and over three for her. So the new year is coming in with big changes on the way. It's been really great living at the moishe house. It was my first time living with Sarah Beth, and a chance to make really great friendships with housemates and community members.

We have had some awesome parties over the year, like my move-in and Halloween, and tons of great smaller events as well. Volunteering at Hayes valley garden and the comics club were some of my favorites.

It's a bit bitter sweet to leave, but I am also looking forward to this next year and the new place in Oakland. And it's really good to know that the house is in good hands with Dan, jay and Meg. I can't wait to visit mh as a guest!

Last I just want to say a big thanks to all of our community members who came out to visit us. Great meeting all of you and getting to know you! And thank you also to the moishe house office and all of the donors -- big and small -- who made our household possible over the last year and beyond. Thank you and happy 2011!


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