Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yad Vashem seminar

In December of 2011 around 25 young leaders from across Europe gathered in Jerusalem to attend the seminar organized by Yad Vashem and EUJS. Thanks to Yad Vashem, we were able to participate in lectures and workshops conducted by eminent specialists. Participants had the unique opportunity to learn about the museum and research institute from the inside, to find out many interesting facts and to exchange opinions with other young jews. The wonderful seminar gave us a broader and deeper perspective on issues concerning the Shoah.

As a person brought up in Poland and used to research done by Polish scientists I was really curious to learn about the opinions of foreign researchers. It is fascinating how the Holocaust is taught in Israel and the tremendous role it plays in the consciousness of Israeli society. Sessions on the roles of Jewish leaders were fascinating and inspiring. I think that as a young Jewish leaders living in a safe world we often do not realize the full scope of responsibility that is entrusted to us, and how great of an honor it is.

However, what is most valuable in my opinion is the ability to continue this wonderful program in the organizations which we have represented, as well as in our own communities. We are currently thinking about creating a Polish-Jewish network of young leaders involved in educating students about the Holocaust.

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