Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Michael Z's blog - MH Vienna

It’s Friday 2 hours before Shabbat… Sitting relaxed on my seat in the kitchen, with Elazar my friend, who's playing guitar…

Thinking back on the times we've spent at Moishe House Vienna, I can tell: yes there are things we can proudly present.

It is not even a question that we have had and still have a great life at Moishe House.

As one of the residents of MH Vienna I have met great people from all around the world. It was not only meeting those people, but also creating an amazing atmosphere and coordinating great events.

For me it is a lifetime experience, because it was always a big but pleasant challenge to invite people from all around the world and to entertain them.

Through the events I gained a lot of experience. I developed further my communication skills, simply through speaking, having small talks and explaining to the newcomers what the idea of MH is.

Furthermore the MH events helped me getting closer to my Jewish roots, I learned a lot about Judaism from my mates Elazar, Daniel and David. Once a month we usually have a Shabbat dinner/lunch at our house, where I have experienced how amazing a Shabbat can be, by singing songs, having nice conversations, enjoying our self made food with a cup of wine.

MH helped me a lot to build up new friendships and taught me what responsibility means. It’s not only organizing an event, and inviting guests, it’s about making sure the guest are having a great time at our MH in Vienna.

I am looking forward to hosting you at the Moishe House Vienna. Thanks to all the people who made this great idea come to life.


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