Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Orleans!

All I knew before coming to New Orleans was that I would be living in the
Moishe House. That was the only fact, the only stable thing I had to look forward to
while I waited to move. I had just graduated college from the University of Michigan
in May and I had decided to quit the job I had waiting for me in San Francisco and
move unemployed to New Orleans. When I had visited New Orleans in the past I
was moved by the emphasis that people in New Orleans seemed to place on
community and relationships. I was drawn to the people I had met during my visit
and the opportunities I could foresee in such a great city. Ideologically I was sold on the city, yet when I arrived I realized, what do I do now?

My first few days were spent networking with non-profits, companies, and
even restaurants that were just not hiring. I would walk into my not yet settled
home, the Moishe House and wallop in my discouragement to roommates who did
not yet know me. The support I received from my Moishe House roommates and
the larger Moishe House community literally got me through a rough transition
period. Everybody I met was willing to hash out my sorrows with me and offer
me positive reinforcement. I believe strongly in the power of community and
specifically the power of intentional community, Moishe House exemplifies my

At this point I have been in New Orleans slightly over a month and Moishe
House is now not the only thing that is settled for me in this city. Yet, living at the house and hosting people on a weekly basis has helped me focus and concentrate on
creating a new home for myself in New Orleans.

Barrie Schwartz
MH New Orleans

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