Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I love...everything!

Life. Oh Life! So many things to think about. So many things to worry about. So many people to care about. But in the end...everything is great! Life. Is. Beautiful.

I spent the last 3 weeks of my life UBER stressed out with work, my love life, and I hate to admit it...Moishe House. Everything seemed to hit me at once. A few events crept up, kids at my work were being really obnoxious and hard to deal with, and for the first time in a while I was completely single (not even one date in the near future). I called my sister, cried to my mother, and then it hit me. "What am I doing?" There are SO many moments in my life where everything seems so tough and unbearable, but then I realize, I get to wake up tomorrow- healthy, well-educated, loved, etc. etc., and I get to start fresh. "Snap out of it Sonia...how lucky are you?"

I'm also lucky that this point in my life/year came at the end of the Jewish year. "Going home", aka driving 20 minutes into the San Fernando Valley, was a breath of fresh air. My cousin was in town from NY, I spent a few nights at my parents house, and I was able to really digest everything that was happening in my life and how I wanted to grow from it all. Erev Rosh Hashana was the bomb.com. I went over to my aunt and uncles house with my mom and grandma and was able to enjoy a dinner filled with fond memories from the motherland, prayers over food, and damn good challah and honey. It was easy to completely forget about all my stress and focus on laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. Moments and memories such as these seem to somehow erase all bad feelings and bad days. The bad days come and they go, but dinners with family and laughing until you cry are the memories I keep from year to year.

Moishe House was also something that made me super happy this week! Although it can sometimes be a stressful thing, Moishe House is sure to provide me with a dose of love, spirituality, and community that makes me forget about all my stress. This past week Moishe House LA hosted our biggest non-partnered event ever. We had 50 people at our house for Shabbat dinner. Being in the house all day, cooking, and setting up for 30 people only to watch person after person and group after group coming in to join in on our dinner made me smile from ear to ear. Sure there was a point in all of our nights where we thought "Oy! There's not enough food!" or "Oy! Not everyone can sit!" but...WHO CARES? There's ALWAYS enough food, and so what if people have to stand? They're still enjoying their night and meeting new awesome people. It was so beautiful, and I can honestly say I felt almost high the next day from the feeling of being so proud to be a part of our house and a part of our organization.

So I hope to share with all of you and I hope to remind myself next time I feel like crying....love! Love everything you do! Be happy! Happiness is the key to sanity! and Breathe! What ever that means to you- whether it's an actual inhale and exhale or whether it's a few nights away from reality- BREATHE!

Besos to all.

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