Monday, August 29, 2011

September Fun!

Hey Moisheniks, 

Hope you're enjoying the summer! Although as I write this it is pouring rain, but I guess it's the summer thoughts that count... 

Here at the House we are busy busy busy-- between festivals, holiday travels, planning for Rosh Hashana, and getting ready for our newest member. We have said goodbye to Joel, and are welcoming Rebecca/Becky who (in her own words) has been spending the last year in goat poo and is nervous to return to a place with WiFi and a decent public transport system. I am sure she will fill you in on the details if you only ask!

Anyway, September is jam-packed with events from geeky films, Tantra, Rosh Hashana spiritual and physical preparations, services, and even Craniosacral therapy-- read on for details! 

Have a beautiful month, 
Alli, Aviad, Rachel, Brett, and Clive x

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, 30 August

Moishe House
Tomorrow 19:00

Welcome to Moishe House London's "Geek Week". 
Three nights, three different "geeky" films. 

Come to one, come to all-- dress up if you want, bring some snacks and drinks, and be prepared for some fun. 

Tuesday: Back to the Future Trilogy
Wednesday: Indiana Jones (best two we can think of)
Thursday: X-Men Trilogy

Wednesday 31 August

Moishe House London
Wednesday 19:00

01 September

Moishe House London
Thursday 19:00

08 September

Moishe House London
08 September at 18:30

After Leora Lightwoman's fantastic session at the Moishe House in December, we decided to team up with Diamond Light Tantra again. We will be their venue for this mini-introduction session. It is open to the general public for £25 per person if booked in advance (£30 on the door) but MOISHE HOUSE LONDON COMMUNITY CAN BOOK IN ADVANCE FOR JUST £10 - just call Diamond Light on 0845 388 2231 with a credit/debit card and say you're from Moishe House London, or book using the following link:


Please do not re-post this special offer on any other public forum.

18 September

Moishe House London
18 September at 11:00

Elul is the Hebrew month preceding the High Holidays. It is a time dedicated to preparing ourselves for the upcoming Big Days. Come to our Elul day so that when we hit Rosh Hashana you feel ready instead of bewildered. Guaranteed to enhance your Grassroots experience or I'm wrong.
Freel free to join us regardless of whether you will be with us for the Grassroots Jews services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
For more about those services though, see:

Grassroots Art Camp:

Create our space. Rutie Borthwick, Alli Zionts and Gaby Pomeroy will be coordinating this day of creation, decoration and adornment for the Grassroots temporary home in Moishe House. Come and crochet a part of our new trichitza will Rutie and help make beautiful things to make our space beautiful.

Grassroots Elul Learning: 

Program of talks, shiurim and lectures by the best in the business. More of the high quality approachable learning that Grassroots hosts. Speakers include: Rabbi Judith Rosen Berry, Benedict Roth, Daniel Lichman, Prof. Vic Seidler. Subjects range from Talmudic insights into fasting to understanding Rosh Hashana through the lens of submissive/dominant sexuality. 

Full program to be published nearer the date!

28-30 September

Moishe House London
28 September at 18:30

*Please take care! Saying you are 'attending' on Facebook does NOT secure your place at Grassroots. To ensure your spot, click this link: and look around the blog for all the crucial info you'll need!*

Daniel Kingsley

Craniosacral Therapy at Moishe House with Daniel Kingsley – Individual Sessions

Available every Monday from 2pm to 9pm

[link to a facebook event/page for the individual sessions]

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle yet powerful hands-on form of bodywork, developed from Osteopathy. It is great for relieving stress, helping to resolve headaches, neck and back issues. Because it supports the body in its own rebalancing and self-healing it can also be used to treat many other conditions that conventional medicine can't such as insomnia, digestive problems, low energy, depression and hormonal imbalances. Sessions are usually experienced as deeply relaxing and revitalising.

Daniel Kingsley will be offering individual 50 minute sessions every Monday. Sessions cost £60. Free consultations are available either by phone or just by dropping into the house.

For more information call Daniel on 07958 655 406, check out his website or his facebook page

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