Friday, August 5, 2011

Of All the Little Surprises

In my determination not to help at all during the transition of Moishe House OC from Laguna Beach to Costa Mesa I decided to break my ankle in two places, confine myself to a couch for six weeks or so, and have a bunch of metal installed in m body. This is the obvious solution to laziness. I mean really who enjoys packing up a house and moving, when I say “I will do anything to avoid moving.” I mean it.

I am writing this from a well worn patch of couch situated in the living room of our new house. Strewn about me are the necessities of daily life, IPOD, water bottle, crutches, pen , paper, and of course my laptop. My world is really small right now, and yet the community it holds is larger than I ever imagined. After the break I disappeared home for 3 weeks to recuperate, drawing on the support of family leaving my roommates to run the new MoHo. Now that I am at our new home, my wonderful roommates are helping me, I get to enjoy events from the couch perspective, we plan events together better than ever, and out turnout skyrocketed after with the location change.

I want to return to the community though, never before in my life have I sought out a strong network of support. Yet here I am on a couch, getting messages on Facebook, phone calls and emails from community members, the very people that make this organization thrive asking how they can help. When one member of the community is in trouble, we all help. I think that this simple idea of community helping its members is often forgotten, it is the original social safety net. At our house we have not missed a beat, participants are helping with breakdown of events, moving us in, bringing extra food for Shabbat, even though we are down one person (me!) we have ten more people to help out.

Honestly all of this sentiment is feeling rather maudlin, but the truth is had anyone asked me when I started here, “If you broke your ankle what would you do?”
I would’ve said “I have no clue”. During all my forced vacation time I’ve done too much reading, and one very talented author’s words bring me comfort right now,
“…we cannot possibly know what it is we’ve yet to make manifest in our lives…”.
I couldn’t have planned for any of this, Moishe House happened to me just as accidentally as my broken ankle. All I am certain of right now is that our house is going to keep going strong, and that we have a wonderful group of people around us that will make sure we are here for quite some time to come.

Moishe House OC

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