Monday, February 7, 2011

New Pad, New song

Moishe House Life
(To The beat of “Baby got Back”-Sir Mix a Lot)

Oh my gosh, Shmuli, look at this email
It is so cool. It looks like
one of those Jewish Youth groups
But, you know, it’s for peeps our age though?
It is- and for both guys and gals
A social place but no big commute, ‘kay?
I mean, Rockville, is just so close
I can’t believe we don’t have to pay, it’s sweet
Moishe House is its name son
Eze Ma-gniv (translates to thats awesome)

I like Moishe House and I can not lie
You other lantsman can’t deny
That when you’re in need of a shabbos meal , challah o’ wine
And no minyan to be found
You get bummed, wanna hang out with Jews
But you’ve heard of a place called Moishe House
So you check their calendar
Tonight is Open Shabbos
Oh baby, I wanna schmooze it up
And sing some zmirot
My homeboys are going too
Ladies gonna check out this nice boy Jew
Ooh, while I’m dav’ning
You say you wanna help lead benching?
Well okay,okay
I’m turning into a Moishe House groupie
I’ve seen them plannin
To hell with demandin
They know bro
Whats going like a hookah night
I’m tired of bars n things
Saying goyish girls are the thing
Take the average Fri night and we compare
It’s gotta have a Jewish air
So fellas! (Yeah!) Fellas (Yeah!)
Tell em’ go Moishe House (yalla!) Moishe House (Yalla!)
Join the listserve bloke, become
Moishe House folk!

Moishe House Montgomery County- a new identity and a new location. In our gorgeous new home we are doing great things. Some a bit unconventional- things like lumberjack parties and Yiddish shabboses, oh and even house love-imagine that. And a single kosher kitchen that is friendly for meat eaters like myself as well as the vegetarians in our community.

This weekend we hosted a wonderful open house event, advertised in all of our normal ways but also with adorable postcards hung all over town. The event was a real treat and a great way to show the neighbors who we are and what we do. In this new space, we have seen some familiar faces, some new faces and even some faces in need of a place to crash during the blizzard. People have even had a chance to come back to Moshe house who haven't been here in a while.

I did learn a very imprtant lesson in the move though- and this should be taken very seriously- unpack your bozes within a few weeks. The reason? My closet started to smell a bit funny and I discovered after some coaxing to go in there- that I had a communal kitchen box in my closet. And Challah- unlike matzah which can last for decades and still taste like cardboard- does not look, feel or smell the same after two weeks. Don't worry though, I threw it out and the closet smells wonderful now.

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